Welcome to Hempirical Discussions! In this podcast segment of the blog, I\’ll share my conversations with important and influential people in the cannabis world. My guests and I will talk about all things cannabis, including history, prohibition and social justice, the environment, legal and political debates, weed culture, science, medicine, and more!


01 – Adam Vine, Cage-Free Cannabis

Vine, a co-founder of Cage-Free Cannabis, discusses his work with legal cannabis businesses to repair some of the damage done to minority communities during the War on Drugs.

02 – Jacob Levine, author

Levine, author of Cannabis Discourse: Facts & Opinions in Context (2018), talks about his book-length attempt to understand the warped discourse surrounding cannabis and how to critically evaluate information about one of the world\’s most popular and controversial plants.

03 – Joy Smith, founder of Joy Organics

Smith, founder of Joy Organics, a CBD product shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, talks about her experience with CBD, current and upcoming product lines, company values, and her philosophy on cannabis treatment.

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