Weed Between the Lines: Marijuana in the 2020 Election

The orgy of partisan chaos that is the 2020 US election is still raging, but at this point, many results are clear. Among them is the legalization of recreational cannabis in four new states: Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. South Dakota also approved a medical cannabis system, and so did Mississippi, although recreationalContinue reading “Weed Between the Lines: Marijuana in the 2020 Election”

“What about the black market?”

One of the main criticisms of states that have legalized marijuana is that they aren’t doing enough to stamp out the black market. The feds have made the argument, as have anti-pot organizations, as have finger-wagging “policy experts” who make other bizarre, baseless arguments such as “we would all be better off if marijuana didContinue reading ““What about the black market?””