Hemp for Victory: A Brief History – Part 2

In early 1944, while his countrymen still fought the Axis powers abroad, Senator Guy Gillette (D-IA) prepared for a political battle on the home front. Its first rumblings came from his constituents in the Heartland, but Gillette’s fight would be in the halls of Congress, and it would be over the government’s wartime hemp program.Continue reading “Hemp for Victory: A Brief History – Part 2”

Mapping Hemp for Victory, 1942-45

In early 1942, with foreign fiber supplies cut off by the Axis powers, the US Department of Agriculture and War Production Board launched a domestic hemp program to supply hemp fiber for military use. Thousands of Midwestern farmers signed up to grow hemp and enjoyed high prices for the crop thanks to government demand andContinue reading “Mapping Hemp for Victory, 1942-45”